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Butterfly Components

The website for Butterfly components went offline some time ago because of a server crash. The old website code apparently could not run on the new version of the web server we are using, so we could not immediately republish the Butterfly components website.

To get the Butterfly website up and running again we have to re-do the whole website. We needed to do that anyways because of design and CMS changes, but we had postponed it because we were busy with other projects. But, as you can see, now we have begun the process. The Butterfly components website will return in full over the coming months.

Short Butterfly Component Intro

If you are new to Butterfly Components, it's a collection of small, light weight Java components for developers who don't like the feature bloat of big frameworks (you know which I am talking about).

Butterfly Components will always remain small, close to their core set of features, with flexibility so that you can plug in that feature you need yourself.


The documentation of Butterfly Components is being moved to our tutorial site ( Here are shortcuts to the documentation that has already been moved:

Butterfly on GitHub

All source code for the Butterfly component projects will be moved to GitHub repositories, so we can all cooperate better around features, bug fixes etc. So far the following Butterfly Components projects have been released on GitHub:

P.S. We are considering a renaming of the project to something like "Minimalistic" or "Micro" instead of "Butterfly", because that would say more about the design philosophy behind the components. What do you think?

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